About online ordering

Thank you for ordering from Earl Havlin Photography

The above sample image shows you where to find all the information needed to place an order.

ONLY one proof # per package, unless you order the digital files which gives you all the proofs.

Only one student per order (transaction) . If you order more than one package with different proof #s  for the same student, you can put them on the same order by writing the different proof #s in the special instruction box.

NOTE about 3rd child discount. You have to enter the 3rd and subsequent children in a SEPARATE ORDER then enter the code or the WHOLE order will be 5o % off and you will have to make up the difference before delivery. Thank you

If you have 3 or more children in the school, you can get 50% off the 3rd and subsequent packages. At check out, there is a discount promo code box, ENTER the code "3rd child" to receive the discount.

NOTE enter this code only in the 3rd and subsequent orders and enter your children's names in the special instruction box. 

All orders will be delivered to the school unless you pick the 

flat rate shipping of $20